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Mentors & Instructors

MA1st and SPARK Membership are extremely proud to bring to you some of the most influential leaders of both the business and Martial Arts world. This stellar lineup of speakers will share with you years of experience, first-hand knowledge and revolutionary concepts that will lift business owners and staff alike to the pinnacle of success.

"This is an incredible group of individuals. Some of the best business innovators I've met."

Kyoshi Fred DePalma

Business Track - MA1st

Instructor Track - MA1st

Kyoshi DePalma started teaching the martial arts for his instructor in 1981 and went on to open his own school under his instructor’s guidance in 1986. He had 4 schools in CT before selling them to the managers and heading out to AZ in 1991 to open schools there. In AZ he oversees 8 locations that are either owned by him or franchised to his students. Over his many years of being involved not with just his schools but the Martial Arts industry, Kyoshi has spoken for many of the leading Martial Art Companies such as EFC, MAIA, NAPMA, UP, MAUI and others. Currently Kyoshi spends his time running his schools and the MA1st Company where he gets to talk with and personally coach school owners worldwide. If you wish to speak with a Martial Artist who has had and still has successful schools and loves to share, then Kyoshi F. DePalma is the person you need to know.

Both the DePalmas believe in putting their family first. The success of their schools along with the success of their staff allows them to take 3 months off each year to travel and vacation with their two sons Edge (19) and Dagger (16). This isn’t about bragging but rather demonstrating what is important to them.


Shihan Robin DePalma

Business Track - MA1st

Instructor Track - MA1st

A 4th Degree Black Belt, Shihan Robin DePalma has been in the Martial Arts industry for 20 years and is currently the Corporate Manager or DePalma’s Team USA Martial Arts. She currently oversees 6 DePalma’s locations. She is in charge of the Manager Training, Marketing, Business Systems, Pro-Shops, event planning and statistics of each location. Her resume includes developing a Cardio Kickbox program of over 700 members, running one of DePalma’s most profitable locations, co-founding the 26 month SWAT – Mentor Leadership Program, Developing successful business systems for the DePalma’s organization and reaching a $200-$400 student value at any location she has worked at. She contributes her success to her love of the students and families and her passion for making a positive impact in their lives.


Master Henry Calantog

Instructor Track - DePalmas Team USA Martial Arts

Known simply as Master C, he is the TEAM Leader of DePalma's Team USA Martial Arts and, oversees instructor development, training and progress. He has over 20 years of martial arts teaching experience, and is currently the Head Instructor of the Desert Mountain Location. He is a direct student of Kyoshi Fred DePalma, and is one of his highest ranking students. An avid competitor, he has also coached several state and national champions. Amongst the instructors and students he is known for his enthusiasm, energy, leadership and motivation. He is a teacher first and foremost, and has dedicated his life to the personal development of others through the martial arts.


Business Track

Business mentoring can be a highly effective way to improve business performance. This track will allow you to study with this world class assembly of Business mentors while they show you how to leverage their knowledge, experience, advice, counsel and industry know-how to drive your successful business model.

Instructor Track

Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just having good kicks or good credentials to instruct martial arts for a living. Like most jobs, if you want to teach martial arts for a living... you need a good mentor, too! The 'MAIN' Event organizers have assembled some of the most motivate and skilled professionals in the world and they are here to instruct you.

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